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AI sign language interpreter Qianyan and Shanmao

The digital human Qianyu from Qianbo is the sign language translator of the cartoon series of Shanmao. Qianyu constructs a barrier-free environment for the deaf, and initiates a new field of AI sign language film production.

Battle of the Chicken

The content of the story tells that the weasel commander One-eyed Duoduo, who wanted to turn the turkey castle into his own farm, dispatched a large number of well-armed weasel troops to invade the turkey castle in order to conquer the turkey castle. But there is a group of chickens with strong martial arts in the Kingdom of Tujibao. They have been trained by the Cocktail King and the Iron Rooster General to form a special chicken attack team to deal with weasels. Under the leadership of Big Head Chicken, the chicken special team with various specialties in martial arts made the invading weasel army suffer. . . . . . !

Xenozoic Tales

Caohua Interactive has obtained the exclusive mobile game adaptation rights of American cartoon “Xenozaran Tales” in China, Caohua Interactive will make it into action mobile game, that will reproduce 80’s, 90’s blood youth.


China (Season 2)

The second season of the large-scale historical documentary “China” co-produced by Mango TV, Hunan Satellite TV, and Beijing Bojing Culture, supported by the “Record China” communication project of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (The State Council Information Office of the PRC) and guided by the Publicity Department of the National Radio and Television Administration, PRC, is scheduled for February. On the 28th, every Monday to Thursday at 19:30, it will be broadcast simultaneously on Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV. Mango TV members will watch it first to enjoy the HDR experience. Continuing the narrative and topic selection ideas of the first season, focusing on the development of thought, systems and culture, from the turning point of the prosperous Tang Dynasty to the end of the two thousand-year-old monarchy, looking at the changes in Chinese thought. In the grand historical process, the narrative selects the figures and events that have had far-reaching influence on China, are highly representative and have epochal significance, intercept the important nodes that were groundbreaking, turning or iconic at that time. And vividly through vigorous images, the documentary traces how China has come along.

The Great Shokunin

Shokunin-spirit, not only the attitude of the craft producer, is reflected the willingness of urbanite wants to live slowly from the impetuous-paced life.
“The great shokunin” is the asian’s first healing documentary about craftsman. This documentary is focus on 20 Asian workman’s craft and their lives. We show more than 20 fine artifacts, but also the deep discover of the heart of perseverance and concentration behind these builders. For this documentary, we have invited the goddess Lin as a sharer, she also dedicated her voice to documentary film for the first time.
Technically, we use 15 minutes per episode, challenged the traditional style of seriously and niche. In fact, because of the young language packaging, landscapes and visual presentation and ground fresh lifestyle, we have strong attention and sympathy among young people. Weibo topics read will break through 100 million after program has launched in a few days.


Cai Hesen

To preserve the core secrets and key members of the Communist Party of China, Cai Hesen, an former key leader of the Communist Party of China, is being maimed to death when he is imprisoned. With the spirit of sacrifice and for the victory of the revolution, Cai devoted his own life to the great victory of the Communist Party of China in the revolution.

Goal! Girls

Former women’s national football player Xu Shanshan recruits and trains left-behind children in a mountain village, which gives the children a chance to walk out of the mountains and open up a new life path. The meantime, under the encouragement of the children, Xu returns to the national team and finally wins the Asian Cup.


It is a benchmark product of domestic immersive film. Within 120 minutes, several actors delivers the tense, exciting and intriguing espionage plot to 6-15 players in the form of interactive performance face-to-face. Some players are willing to change their identity from the traditional “movie watching role” to “performing role” and get a greater sense of immersion with the help of sound, light and electricity. The Chinese red culture carries through our product, that attracts and meets the party building needs of a large number of domestic enterprises.

Lin Zexu

Imperial commissioner Lin Zexu goes to Canton to investigate and to halt the opium trade completely. Admiral Sir Charles Elliot does everything possible to stop Lin Zexu, even threatens to open fire. Lin Zexu never back up. With the help of others, he overcomes tremendous obstacles and successfully destroy opium in public on Humen Beach to show the Government’s determination to ban smoking.

The Ode To The Land

The film makes artistic creation based on real story of people and typical examples in Chinese poverty alleviation. The main story happens in Western Hunan, and reflects the whole province and the country. It shows the determination and spirit of Hunan Government on Implementation of Targeted Poverty Alleviation, and conveys the sense of gain, happiness and gratitude to the Communist Party of China after the people of Hunan win the battle against poverty. It presents a magnificent tridimensional and warm impressive picture of Implementation of Targeted Poverty Alleviation.


Call me by fire

“Call Me By Fire ” is a program produced by Mango TV that is a music program focusing on male groups. There are more than 30 male guests in the program, including men’s groups, dancers, performers, potential talents, etc. They led the group to fight, and the results of collective creation showed a stage effect with a more compound temperament. The guests challenged each other. Through the process of men’s exploration, they interpreted “the braving life will shine forever” and witnessed the spiritual power that will never fall.

Communist Liu Shaoji

The play tells the story of Liu Shaoqi breaking through the “four rural passes” of the county, provincial capital, imperial city and national gate, seeking “seeking truth from facts, seeking truth every time” and “eight character scripture”, and determined to find the truth of saving the country and building the road of new China.

Dear YEAH!

“Dear YEAH!” is a business experience programme focusing on “the milk of human kindness” of the Greater Bay Area, witnessing national development and promoting cultural exchanges between Guangdong and Hong Kong. The program fits the background of the national construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Five brothers of the Greater Bay Area, Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Zhilin, Xie Tianhua, Lin Xiaofeng and Liang Hanwen, were chosen to jointly operate a Hong Kong style stall in Guangzhou. Through immersive shooting, the program recorded the daily business of the brothers, warmed the city night with food and music, and cured the anxiety of diners with sincere communication and optimistic attitude towards life.


It tells the story of two police officers fighting to the death with the poaching gang during their mission. One died and the other was seriously injured. The whereabouts of the poachers are unknown. It was not until five years later that Wei Jiang left the Forest Public Security Bureau and chose to be a forest ranger, but the arrival of the new recruit Qinchuan added a lot of color to his life. He led Qin Chuan on the road of patrolling. Qin Chuan also learned from him what a mission is and what inheritance is.

One Boat, One World

Carrying thousands of tourists and staff, the super cruise is a sailing global village where all kinds of life, joy and sorrow, parting and reunion, love and struggle are happening.

Remembrance Of Things Past

The migrating geese are like every stranger in the metropolis, rushing for their dreams in the whistling subway and crowded buildings. This is their story and the reality of each of us.

See You Again

This TV program is produced by Mango TV itself, and there are three married couples who are situated in different stages of the marriage, they ride two touring cars, start an eighteen-day journey, as for those who are faced with the marriage risks, they will find the answer belonging to themselves and this marriage in this journey and make the decision. Through the combination of reality show and observation room, this program utilizes the way of documentary to narrate the marriage story of these three married couples, makes the audiences truly feel the responsibility and meaning of marriage, and understand the ways to improve marriage quality and the sense of happiness.

Sisters Riding the Winds and Breaking the Waves 2

The second season of the reality show Sisters Riding the Winds and Breaking the Waves (《乘风破浪的姐姐》), where 30-to 50-something female contestants vie for a spot in a singing and dancing performance group, was released on Jan 22.

Shining For One Thing

The play tells the story of Lin Beixing accidentally deleting the text messages in his old mobile phone and returning to the past, re-acquainting with Zhang Wansen, a former stranger alumnus, and starting a wonderful journey of time and space rescue.

The Crack of Dawn

An ordinary woman in the market who seeks an ordinary life and works hard, but life makes a huge joke on her. She secretly suffers from danger, even a death notice, from her husband. But her deadly husband suddenly drowned, so she trapped in the whirlpool of police suspects, neighbors’ spurn and family doubts. Facing the hardships her life brought her, she did not choose to give up on herself, and finally completed a perfect self-rescue.

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