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15 MAR 2021 (MON)

That Was Life 這就是生活 by 34T Sales

Two Spanish women from different generations coincide in a hospital room in Belgium. A strange friendship is forged between them and this leads María to set out on a return journey to the south of Spain on an unusual mission.

Adam's Package by Chiaramonte Films

The film follows Adam, an ALIEN living the life of a Hollywood Hunk, who is lusted after by a bevy of beautiful women including a sexy ghost.  Shadow government operatives want him dead, as does his ex-wife. Living as an alien model in Hollywood has its ISSUES.

All the Moons by FILMAX

During the final throes of the last Carlist war, a little girl is rescued from an orphanage by a mysterious woman. Badly wounded and close to death, the girl believes the woman to be an angel. Soon, however, she will discover that what this strange being has actually given her is the gift of eternal life… by turning her into a vampire.

Live in the Moment by Grasshopper International

The story takes place at the International Boarding School for Girls, Morning Heights Academy, located somewhere in Asia. One day, due to the sudden and one-sided decision of the school, each has to give up something he or she likes. Students have their own worries and conflicts, solving problems on their own, and overcoming difficulties with their friends.

Young Adult Matters by Littlebig Pictures

Saejin asks Jaepil, Shinji and Juyeong to help her terminate her pregnancy, since they ruined her first attempt by saving her. They decide to help Saejin find a way to terminate her pregnancy, but it’s not easy. Do teenagers really have that little control over their own lives?


Brussels. Eden and Abdel, two 17-year-old boys, burst into their school to carry out a suicide terrorist attack, but Abdel blows himself up ahead of schedule, involving Eden in the explosion. Isabel and Adamo, two paramedics arrive on the scene and find Eden injured and unconscious. They load him on the ambulance, ignoring the fact that he is one of the terrorists.


Five young women, friends since high school, set up a get-together to hold a bachelorette party for one of them. From a suite to strip joint, until reaching their old high school, throughout the whole evening, not a trace of the bride-to-be. Meanwhile, the friends talk about men, their frustrations, their ambitions, about sex and about love. Until the grand finale surprise.


Martin Dyer is a ordinary man with a ordinary life. An insurance Loss Adjuster for many years, he spends his time assessing other people’s problems and ignoring his own. His wife Angie aspires to greater things and when finances hit rock bottom, she leaves him for a suave loan shark one week before Christmas.


A country house, a family just like the others. Michele has remarried beautiful Damiana, and lives with her and her daughter Fiore, a seductive teen with whom he has an intricate relationship. In the middle of the night, Sergio, an ex-con, bursts into the cabin and abducts the family.

Caveat by MPI media group

A drifter accepts a job to look after his landlord’s niece for a few days, which soon becomes a terrifying game of cat and mouse.

Walking With Herb by Pinnacle Peak Pictures

The film follows Joe’s incredible journey from relative obscurity to competing in ‘The US Open Golf Tournament’, under the direction of Herb, his ever present ‘Angel’ and motorcyclist.

Man of God by Pinnacle Peak Pictures

In the lives of the saints. we find strength. Their struggles mirror our own, and their triumphs over human weakness give us hope. Such is the subject of our faith-based film, MAN OF GOD. The life of St. Nekatarios of Aegina from Greece was one of persecution and prosecution.

Beckman by Pinnacle Peak Pictures

In the style of taken, an ex-hit-man comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took his daughter and everything from him.

VIENNA SYMPHONY by Rise and Shine World Sales


What does it mean to be part of a world-famous orchestra? Fascinating, rare and very personal insights into the world of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and its passionate musical work – with fantastic accompaniment.

Back to Eden by RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

This is the story of  a photographer and filmaker who 50 years later comes back to Siberut island, 90 miles west of Sumatra. In July 2019, after half a century of travel and work, at the end of a career a question continues to haunt him what will have become of that small island, Siberut, and the “flower men” who lived there?

Never Before by Under Sixty Corp.

<Never Before> is the 5th omnibus film within a special project released in Korea, [CLEAR CORONA 19], which was made to revive the recession in theater due to COVID-19. These original ideas with experimental elements will stimulate the audience’s imagination. A story of traffic humans instead of traffic lights a man who escapes from reality to dream, a girl finding an agency that can solve any problem, a muter, the personalized sound filter device, and a girl who is under suspicion of killing her best friend.

omg by Under Sixty Corp.

<OMG> is the second omnibus film within a special project released in Korea, [CLEAR CORONA 19], which was made to revive the recession in theater due to COVID-19. It will amaze the audience with a dramatic twist and thrill of four different stories. It contains a story of a girl who lives with an eccentric lady with many secrets, a story of a missing girl in a mysterious town, an AI stalker, and a story of a bystander.

The Night Belongs to Lovers by WIDE

A meeting Between waves and cliffs At night

In a week, he’s getting married

For years, she no longer believes in pleasure

They meet They play They talk

They desire each other

As a gift unconditionally

Like a dance on the edge of emptiness

For one night Only one night

Their one night

Fellinopolis by WIDE

Enter the world of Federico Fellini. The world behind his camera on the sets and backstages of his films captured by another hidden camera and brought to the light after 40 years. Pull back the curtain and watch the Maestro at work realising his dreams and creating his magic. The centenery of Fellini

Affords an opportunity to see him afresh, to discover new dimensions of the master film director.

Akilla’s Escape by WIDE

Akilla’s Escape weaves the present and past in a crime noir about the urban child soldier. Set in Toronto and New York where over 450 00 Jamaicans reside, the story speaks to the historical criminalization of black boys that modern society overlooks.

Gracious Night by The Yellow Affair

Kaurismäki’s Gracious Night tells the story of three men who bond over a long night of wine and intellectual discussion, on what could be the final night for a bar under serious financial pressure during lockdown. With radio reports of a murder in the area, it’s not long before suspicions are raised.

Victor Lessard – Code Name: Victor (Season 3 Episode 1) by ZDF Enterprises

As Victor distances himself from Major Crimes to clear up his father’s past, a respected and influential journalist is shot dead by a sniper. At Jacinthe’s insistence, Victor analyses the crime scene. Was the journalist eliminated to prevent him from publishing a potentially compromising article?

HAF Work-in-Progress Open Pitch, is designed to provide a platform for later-stage projects seeking completion funding, post-production partners, distributors and sales agents, film festival supports, and other industry services. This year, 20 feature projects shortlisted for WIP, comprising of 9 documentaries and 11 fiction films, mostly from Asia, with several European productions and co-productions.

Facebook Watch, launched globally in 2018 and has established itself as the go-to place to discover a wide range of videos. In 2020 digital content consumption witnessed exponential growth, as people all over the world spent more time at home and online. Today, more than 1.25 billion people visit Watch every month to discover and share videos from millions of creators and publishers. 
In this fireside chat hear Saurabh Doshi, Head of Entertainment Partnerships APAC share his thoughts on the Facebook Watch’s global and APAC consumption trends, values and partnerships Facebook bring to the entertainment community, and how APAC content creators / publisher may harness the reach of Facebook Watch to amplify global content influence.

Saurabh Doshi
Head of Entertainment Partnership,
Facebook, APAC

Kaichen Li, Head of WeTV and iflix in Tencent will shed light on their market priorities, content and brand positioning, and how they forge pan-regional partnership to bring their content to the rest of the world.

Kaichen Li
Head of WeTV and iflix

Join in for an online fireside chat with Pop TV – dissect the hottest content genres in the region, and how they map out acquisition strategies to satisfy audience’s appetite.

Victoria de Kerdrel
Asia-Pacific Consultant
K7 Media (Moderator)

Ben Heng
Acquisition Manager
Pop TV

HAF Work-in-Progress Open Pitch, is designed to provide a platform for later-stage projects seeking completion funding, post-production partners, distributors and sales agents, film festival supports, and other industry services. This year, 20 feature projects shortlisted for WIP, comprising of 9 documentaries and 11 fiction films, mostly from Asia, with several European productions and co-productions.

Hear out Ali Hussein, CEO of Eros Now, pioneer in the OTT space and leading content provider in India, on their global expansion roadmap, original content strategies, and technological innovations.

Patrick Frater
Asia Bureau Chief Variety (Moderator)

Ali Hussein
CEO, Eros Now

Format producers in Asia are distinguished by their creativity, but it has not always been easy for Hunan TV, Fremantle and MBC, even as the dominant players in their regions, to break through physical boundary, as well as language and cultural barriers and pitch their programme concepts to audiences worldwide.

The distinguished panel of speakers shall walk you through how they leverage cross-region partnership and co-production to create universally, and regionally acclaimed TV formula.

Janine Stein
Editorial Director ContentAsia

Keun-bum Lee
Director of Global Business

Lester Hu
Head of Formats & International Business
Hunan TV

Sakti Parantean
Co-Managing Director
Fremantle Indonesia

Ocean is a well-established original IP creation company, our Publishing and fans throughout Asia. We aim to create a series of  comic superheroes unique to the East in the film industry.

Dicky Lee
TS Reset Studio

Fuji Television’s Head of Distribution (Yuri Akimoto), Remake (Hajung Byun) and Format (Ryuji Komiya) will explain Fuji Television’s latest global sales strategies. 

Hajun Byun
Producer/Head of Remake, Fuji TV

Ryuji Komiya
Producer/Head of Non-Scripted Formats, Fuji TV

Takayuki Hayakawa
Vice President
Fuji TV

Yuri Akimoto
Producer/Head of Distribution, Fuji TV

A presentation on the opportunities awaiting in the Philippines — from new incentives to potential partners. We shall be showcasing the 13 member Philippine delegation and discussing how a production can avail of either a 20% cash rebate or a selective grant up to approximately USD 200,000.00.

Liza Diño
Chairperson of the
Film Development Council
of the Philippines

Mirasol Cruz
Executive Director of the
Film Development Council
of the Philippines

Agathe Vinson
Technical Consultant of
Film Development Council
of the Philippines

16 MAR 2021 (TUE)

Black Stain 黑色污漬 by 34T Sales

Early 70’s in a secluded Andalusian village. Deep tensions are reignited in the wake of the death of the elderly matriarch. As the family grieves, a black family stain re-surfaces, threatening the family with an uncertain end.

Magic 7 by Anton

Eric, a former football star and now coach for a Chinese league team, ends up in a small village after being falsely accused of corruption. A young boy saves him from near death in the desert and requests that in exchange he coaches the local team and takes them to the junior cup final. At first only preoccupied by saving his reputation, Eric slowly comes around and rediscovers his passion for football thanks to the young players.
An uplifting journey that will entertain the whole family. It’s a hymn to team building, perseverance and inclusion. Magic 7 is full of adventure and emotion.

TWOGETHER by Chiaramonte Films

The film follows John, a talented artist and Allison, a rich girl with emotional baggage, as they navigate the complicated ups and downs of a stormy relationship only to discover the great love that they have for each other.

Something about Love by DFW International

When Isa has finally found Mr. Right, Mr. Perfect shows up.

The House of Snails by FILMAX

Writer Antonio Prieto decides to spend the summer in the mountains outside Malaga, where he hopes to find peace and quiet and inspiration for his next novel. Once there, he meets Berta, a woman he feels instantly attracted to, and several other strange characters that he starts to investigate and write about.


Milan, Fernando, son of Ugo  Piazza, is a brilliant criminal defense lawyer, unlike his criminal father. When 100 million euros disappear in a telematic fraud, and the prime suspect is Fernando Piazza’s client, his name is set to be dangerously compromised. Especially since the defrauded company is actually a cover up for the most powerful criminal activity in the world, the ‘ndrangheta mafia.


Karim, after years spent in war-torn Syria, decides to return to Italy, to finally regain his life. But in order to do so, he will have to pay a very high price.


A bunch of friends stuck in a mountain shelter during a snowstorm on a weekend. They will find out that the only way to be safe is to solve a disturbing mystery that involves all of them: finding out who in the past, has committed a terrible crime. Amid shocking and unexpected revelations, they will come to doubt each other.

A Nightmare Wakes BY MPI MEDIA GROUP

An adaptation of the novel Frankenstein as told through the life of Mary Shelley. As she creates her masterpiece, she give birth to a monster.

The Warrior Queen of Jhansi by Pinnacle Peak Pictures

A tale of women’s empowerment, The Warrior Queen of Jhansi tells the true story of Lakshmibai, the historic Queen of Jhansi who fiercely led her army the British East India Company in the infamous mutiny of 1857.

The Reason by Pinnacle Peak Pictures

The film, based on William Sirls book, follows a small-town pastor, his wife and their sick child as a mysterious man is sent to give them hope. 


In the Balkan forests, one might find maple trees worth their weight in gold. This magical wood could create a priceless musical instrument; a violin as prestigious as an original Stradivarius.

Gaspar Borchardt, a violin maker, is on this mission since he biked through Bosnia in his twenties and found the most perfect tree he has ever seen.

The taste of desire by rise and shine world sales

THE TASTE OF DESIRE is an epic documentary in which the oyster symbolizes our desires in life. Through captivating characters, this bold film examines the complexity of human desire: our relationship to the world around us and ultimately what lengths we will go to find satisfaction.


This film shows the serious counterparts that the culture of the exploitation of soy and other grains has on Brazilian society, especially on the LGBTQI+ community. The film is set in the central area of Brazil, a place with the highest numbers of transsexuals murders.

Bloom-up by WIDE

“Bloom Up” is the true story of Hermes and Betta, an Italian couple who have been exchanging for over 4 years. The docufilm highlights their daily life on the one hand at work, at home, their daughter and interests and the attraction for the swinging world and its practice on the other meetings, parties, dinners, car sex and much more.

Her Name was Joe by WIDE

Ten year old Jo spends her days along the Shenandoah River with her best friend Selma, fishing, scrapping for metal surviving. She get’s her chance when Bill, her abusive junkie stepdad, OD’s on heroine. She dumps him in the river, and flees when the cops come looking for answers

A Love Story by The Yellow Affair

Rose: A Love Story is the story of a young couple living alone in the woods, who must contend with a life-altering illness that manifests itself in a violent and terrifying way. Rose’s disease is a vampiric, parasitic thirst for blood.

Sløborn (Episode 1) by ZDF Enterprises

A ghost ship runs aground on Sløborn, bringing a deadly pigeon virus to the North Sea island. The islanders’ everyday life, however, goes back to normal for the time being, since hardly anyone knows about the virus. Evelin, our 15-year-old heroine, has other problems to deal with, because her parents are planning to separate and she is pregnant with her teacher’s baby.

In a world where consumers and audience become more demanding with viewing experience on TV, big screen, and mobile, how computer vision and AI technology can facilitate the production, transmission and display of immersive, Ultra HD video experience with higher efficiency and less cost? Join the session to see various AI solution offerings in UHD video enhancement, restoration and segmentation.

Bei Yu
General Manager SmartMore

Tandy Tan
Director / Head of Global Marketing, SmartMore

Davi Leung
Product Manager SmartMore

Mercy Liu
Senior Business Development Executive, SmartMore

In 2020, the film and television industry was confronted by unprecedented challenges, forcing producers and content creators to adopt new ways to craft projects under daunting conditions. While the situation has not yet stabilized, content is still being created.  How do producers manage the obstacles in these uncertain times? Is technology a factor in successful virtual production?  From the formulation of ideas to bringing stories to the screen, what are the key factors of success in the remote producing process?  Join our panel of experts who will examine the limitations imposed by the pandemic and explore the opportunities to successful producing in the time of Covid-19.

Maria Lo Orzel
Head, Asia Task Force, Producers Guild of America

Bob Underwood
Foreign Employment Task Force, Writers Guild of America

Fraser Brown
Executive Producer
General Film Corporation

Jan Heinze
COO & Executive Producer

Come join IQIYI in this session as they introduce the diverse slate of 2021 and beyond. Learn to know the shows across content genres including Period Romance, Lights On franchise and Next Gen Variety Shows.

Kuek Yu-Chuang
Vice President for International Business, iQIYI

Young Ming
Senior Vice President

Facebook Watch, launched globally in 2018 and has established itself as the go-to place to discover a wide range of videos. Today, more than 1.25 billion people visit Watch every month to discover and share videos from millions of creators and publishers. In this panel discussion, three media organizations from Taiwan will share their thoughts on their video content strategy on Facebook, how they leverage Facebook products to build and engage with their audiences, identify new content opportunities and connect more people to their content.

Judy Sun
Strategic Partner Manager, Greater China at Facebook




Join in for an online fireside chat with True Digital Group – dissect the hottest content genres in the region, and how they map out acquisition strategies to satisfy audience’s appetite.

Prariwat Saiopas
Content Partnerships & Film Acquisition Lead,
True Digital Group

The briefing session includes details on the 7th First Feature Film Initiative, sharing from a winning team of previous edition and representative from Intellectual Property Department on issues relating to copyright.

With the “pandemic OTT surge” cooling off, what would be the future prospect for the OTT game? Will home entertainment continue to boost subscription? Where is the key growth markets? Is SVOD the way to go or will Ads become the pillar of revenue generation?

The distinguished panel of speakers shall exchange views on content acquisition and production strategies in the reviving media landscape, and explore the future of OTT’s business model.

Jean Noh
Deputy Asia Editor & Korea Correspondent
Screen International

David Simonsen
SVP - Business Development & Digital Distribution, Asia, WarnerMedia

Kazufumi Nagasawa
Managing Director & Chief Content Officer, Hulu Japan

Kuek Yu-Chuang
Vice President for International Business, iQIYI

Hot Picks from Japan This session introduces 6 of the hottest Japanese titles in TV drama and unscripted format presented at Hong-Kong Filmart. The shows and their trailer will be introduced by their respective broadcasters, in a Q&A session with Mathieu Bejot, Senior Advisor to BEAJ. The Japan Pavilion is hosting 11 content providers, including the main networks and regional broadcasters.

Mathieu Bejot
Senior Advisor Broadcast Program Export Association of Japan (Moderator)

Komiya Ryuji
Producer / Head of Non-Scripted Formats, Fuji TV

Yoshimitsu Naohara
Manager, International Business Department, MBS

Takumi Nakamura
International Sales Manager, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation

Moe Kanzaki
Nippon TV

International Distribution Dept. Scripted Format, TBS

Hideki Furutani
Sales Manager, Wowow Inc.

Presentation of the French Tax Rebate for International Production. Includes a case study of a Chinese series filmed in France. Everything you need to know about working with France!

Stephan Bender
Interim CEO,
Film France

Laurie Ades
Head of Producers' Liaison and TRIP Expert, Film France

Franck Priot
CEO, Ghost City

Shu Ye
Ghost City

17 MAR 2021 (WED)

9 Sevilles 九款塞維利亞斯 by 34T Sales

“9 Sevilles” is a heterodox psycho-geographical profile of the new flamenco in Seville. Nine characters coexist with great artists of today’s flamenco. “9 Sevilles”‘