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Boonie Bears: Back to Earth

A mysterious alien-like creature named Abu arrives in Pine Tree Mountain and crosses paths with Bramble. Bramble, Briar and Vick. decide to guard Abu’s homeland, Bramble, Briar and Vick join forces and prepare to fight, a tough mission begins.

Boonie Bears Monster Plan

“Monster Plan” Vick, the Bear Brothers, and all their friends unite to stop Rex Vector and his sidekick Mr. Pete. The two villains hatched a new “monster plan” but their newest scheme is once again thwarted. The peace in the forest can last a little longer.

Boonie Squad

Boonie Squad is an animated show aimed at preschoolers. The magical Neva teams up with her best friends Briar, Bramble, and Vick to help any and all in need on Pine Tree Mountain.


Founded in 2013, the company is a comprehensive original animation company integrating creation, distribution and derivative operation. We focus on animation IP as the core, based on the development, production, distribution, publicity and operation of original animation film and television works, and build the entertainment IP industry with a diversified business model.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Dunk for Future

With all the attentions and expectations, Team defenders made their way to the world-class basketball event—The Basketball Metropolis Cup. They were the most competitive team to grasp the trophy but unexpectedly they lost it because of the last shot of discord. The team seemed to fall away when Weslie and Wolffy had a dispute after the finals.
However, true friendships will not be destroyed easily. Jonie decided to assemble the members again and join the new Basketball Metropolis Cup. Will their determination and devotion to basketball complete their basketball championship this time?


Like the Dyer's Hand

Using Images as a medium, the works of Flâneur Media Guangzhou Co., Ltd. encompass the humanities, culture, arts and more, aiming to provide the audience with unique visual aesthetics and points of view, while simultaneously preserving the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese world. As a pioneer of documentary films highlighting the masters of Chinese literature, our team produced a series of films about literary greats entitled The Inspired Island, helping to preserve the treasured images of thirteen prominent Chinese writers. The series not only received positive reviews but also started a trend of literature appreciation in both China and Taiwan. In 2020, Like the Dyer’s Hand, a documentary film about the legendary life of the master of classic Chinese poetry, Yeh Chia-ying, was released to great fanfare. Interweaving flashbacks of Yeh Chia-ying’s life with the thousand-year history of classic Chinese poetry, the film delineates the path of her search for the meaning of existence along the great and winding river of poetry, revealing both the deep cultural and historical values of Chinese poetry as well as “the beauty of passive virtue” and the charming spiritual world of China’s remarkable traditional culture.

Miracle Herbs on Mysterious Lands

<Miracle Herbs on Mysterious Lands> is the first documentary on domestic TV that systematically presents Chinese wild herbs. It is called “Compendium of Materia Medica” for the contemporary screen. Around the main line of “a special landform, an ordinary family, a wild herb, a life story”, after six years of traveling tens of thousands of miles, show the relationship between human and nature, human and Chinese herbs.

Professional Elites

<Professional Elites> co-produced by Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Radio and Television. A ten-year TV program, with hard work and dedication, keeps pressing ahead to document the stories of skilled workers and record China’s development in a new era.

Run the Last Mile

It records true stories of respected cadres stationed in Guangdong’s poorest villages, helping residents out of difficulty – part of a milestone campaign in CPC and China’s history.

The Taste of Cantonese

<The Taste of Cantonese> is one of the highest quality food documentary in China.
The program team traveled to 21 cities in Guangdong to tell the cultural stories behind the delicious food. They also going abroad, exploring the Cantonese Food. Tell the stories of Guangdong, the Greater Bay Area and China through the delicate food. Show the feelings and confidence of Lingnan agricultural culture and Marine culture.

When Happiness Falls

Amid diligent and tireless efforts, the gorgeous bloom of youth outlines the striving footprint on a hard and tortuous journey. The authentic and vivid life experiences arouse empathy of the audience, yet preserving a lofty aesthetic taste.


Fall in love

Fu Zeyi, who had dissociative identity disorder, fell in love with Jing Zhixia, a girl came from the chaebol. Fu Zeyi rivaled himself in love and the two young people got involved in a three-person sadistic relationship.

Fight back to school

The comedy follows huang Xiaogui, a key witness in a major case in a Southeast Asian city, who unexpectedly abscond. Special police Zhang Hao undercover to international noble school, try to find Huang Xiaogui through close to its daughter Huang Ying, the process is full of jokes. Eventually, the Zhang Hao of tact bravery overcomes difficulty, follow the trail, found witness Huang Xiaogui successfully, crack this big case.

Nine door

Imperial official dies mysteriously, Land searches (Wang Yuexin is acted the role of) thorough investigation leads to bury old secret.

The Ghouls of Xiangxi Hidden

The story to partridge whistle, Chen Yulou explore bottle mountain half a century after xiangxi as the background, tells the story of touch gold triangle since longling mystery grottoback, Hu Bayi in order to save the poison of the big gold teeth, led to Xiangxi bottle mountain, trying to find the legend of the disappearance of a long time in the six wings centipede, to save life inside Dan.

The Hero Battle

《The Hero Battle》is an 83-minute 3d animation film produced by GDC in 2020. It is the first high-tech, modern military theme animation film in China which was released in the Chinese mainland on Jan 17, 2020. Adapted from a true story of the special forces, The film shows great wisdom through the role of young soldiers, demonstrating hot-blooded military animation idol, shaping and showing the style of a new generation of Chinese knowledge-based young soldiers, who dares to die for the national honor and never gives up in the face of adversity.

The thief of Chu Liuxiang awakens

The Chu Liuxiang dream that gives all rivers and lakes at the beginning becomes” steal handsome “, then the plan steals wu Lin first poison “day one god water”, got acquainted with god water palace inadvertently however advocate Mu Qianyu, with her brief encounter. On the other side, Dongying ronin maple 14 lang also covet “heaven one god water”, want to have its own, as a powerful weapon to invade the Central Plains. Chu Liuxiang and Admire qianyu were immersed in the plot of 14 lang of day maple, became the object that is chased after by whole wu Lin, and the palace rules of god water palace rigor made the obstacle that overcomes more hard to the emotion of 2 people to him again.


Blooming youth

“Blooming youth” with the Japanese invasion of China as the background, tells the story of a group of patriotic patriots with unique skills, regardless of their own safety, against foreign enemies, to defend the country’s story.

Criminal investigation notes

As if there were some kind of curse on the rich of S City, a movie star and two business owners died one after another, and the cause was very strange. Then, S city criminal investigation brigade launches investigation quickly. The complex social relations add a bit of mystery to the whole play.

Culinary Art of Cantonese Cuisine

<Culinary Art of Cantonese Cuisine> traveled to 21 cities in Guangdong, picking nine competitive cooking ceams led by master chefs, tracing to 41 special ingredients, preparing 62 courses of Lingnan delicacies. In line with the “Cantonese Cuisine Master” project of Guangdong Province, aim to build Lingnan food culture into an internationally famous signature of Guangdong.

Grand Ceremony of Chinese Music

<Grand Ceremony of Chinese Music> invited many famous Chinese musicians, excellent orchestras and young musicians, interpreting traditional Chinese music in a more modern and younger voice, will continue to render traditional Chinese music in ways that reflect the characteristics of our time.

Indomitable Blue

This is a hot-blooded panoramic immersive fire experience reality show. The program, together with the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of emergency management of China, invited 6 guests to the fire station as “blue friends” of fire control, eat, live and train with firefighters, unlock fire rescue skills and participate in real police rescue work.

In-laws, Out-laws

The series describes a large family with four sons in the old city of Guangzhou, who married four foreign daughters-in-law. Due to the differences in living habits and cultural backgrounds, a series of comic stories were produced. 

Melody of Time

<Melody of Time>, a star-studded music show, has witnessed nearly 200 representative Chinese singers, perform nearly 1000 well-known songs, to pay a tribute to Chinese popular music classics and celebrate CPC’s centenary, presented to the viewers a real audio-visual feast with profound culture connotation, narrating inspiring stories of the new era,bringing positive energy to the society.

Return the world to you

Career rivals scramble for profits, leading to Shen Yien’s boyfriend. Shen Yien, who lost her lover, seeks her boyfriend’s whereabouts while carrying her career. In the face of complex emotional problems and career frustrations, Shen Yien and Lu Zhun finally found each other’s original heart in difficulties, hand in hand, true love is not extinguished.

The Acrobatic Show

<The Acrobatic Show> brought together more than 60 excellent acrobatic teams from home and abroad, take “culture” as the core,
in the form of “competition”, combine acrobatics with other traditional Chinese cultural forms, interprets the “Breathtaking, Peculiar and Beautiful” of Chinese traditional acrobatics, aim to create a new model of “acrobatic +”.

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