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Customer Service Support 客戶服務支援
  • Our Working hours 服務時間: 
    08:00 – 22:00 (GMT+8) 

Best Experience

Please note that the screener optimization is still taking place these few days and Apple Safari offers the best streaming experience during the period.

Manage Title
1. After clicking save draft or publish, there was no response.
A: Please check if you have already filled in all three mandatory fields:
– Name of title
– Tagline/logling
– Summary/Synopsis

2. I uploaded some pictures to my titles, but I cannot see them on the title page from front end.

A: If you like the photos to be shown as thumbnail on your title page, please make sure that you selected “production stills” under categories when uploading asset.

3. I uploaded my logo, banner and pictures, but they cannot be shown properly.

A: Please make sure the file is in JPG format and the size is correct.

4. After uploading a trailer/screener, an error message or cannot be played message pops out.

A: One of the following reasons could cause error or make the video be unable to be played probably.
a) The file name of the video should contain NO space.
b)  The file name should only contain numbers, alphabets, hyphen or underscore. Special characters or space will cause malfunction.
c) The suggested video size is under 1GB.
d) After you uploaded the videos, please wait one – two hours for the system to load the videos to your page.

5. The Key Art is not under the right title.

A: please be reminded to save the title before you upload any assets, including Key Art.

6. Can I still update my company details and titles after 19 August? Is there any deadline for uploading information?

A: You can update your company and title details any time and there is NO deadline.


My account
1. My account is locked, can you reset my password?
A: You can reset your password by clicking “reset password” on the log in page.

2. Where can I find my BlueJeans account details?

i. Go to My Activity > Virtual Meeting Requests > Account Details, and then you will see the window below.
ii. Go to, log in with BlueJeans User Name & BlueJeans Password

3. I am in Mainland China, how can I download BlueJeans to my computer?


Best Solution

Apple IPhone

Click onto the BlueJeans invitation link and download BlueJeans app for launching meetings

Android Devices

Download an APK file for installing Bluejeansapp from this link: com.bluejeansnet.Base.apk

Desktop/ Notebook

  • Mainland users can access BJ through browsers (except certain Mainland Browser such as Sougou)

    • suggest using Microsoft Edge (version 79 and above that has chromium engine)


  • For macOS and Windows device (including Surface Series), user can install the desktop client from their official Download Centre:

1. Will there be online screenings arranged during FILMART Online?
A: Exhibitors will have their screenings to show in the title page. Visitors can click request screener in the title page. After the exhibitors accept your request, you will be able to view the screening during market period.

2. How can I watch a screener?
A: If the request is accepted, you can simply click “Watch Screener” at the title page to watch the screener.

3. Where can I find the list of screeners which I am granted rights to watch?
A: If you find any title you are interested in, you may click Add to Tracking List, to create your own title list. The list is in Tracking list under My activity > Tracking, as well as Available to screen.

4. Will FILMART categorise the films for Screenings at FILMART?
A: In the title page of FILMART Online, you can filter a list according to your needs, such as project type (Film, TV, Documentary), genres (Action, Animation, Comedy), etc., you may click Add to Tracking List, to create your own title list.

1. How can I message a staff if I’m interested in their title?
A: In the title page, you can click here to the corresponding exhibitor’s company page. In this page, you can see company’s titles, description and their staff. You may message them or click request a meeting to make appointment. You can view exhibitors’ available timeslots from the calendar, then propose a meeting time there.

1. Do I need to register for the webinar? 
A: No. You just need to go to the event page to join the webinar at the scheduled time slot.

2. I may not attend the webinar at scheduled time because of the time difference. What should I do?
A: You may replay the webinar anytime at the event page during the market period.

Virtual Meeting
1. Does the meeting only allow one representative from each company (exhibitor- buyer)? Can I also invite my colleague to join ? 
A: Yes, you may request the meeting host to add your colleague to the “invitee” list, or simply forward the meeting link to your colleagues. 

2. How do I schedule meeting with other participants?
A: Please go to My Account > My Activity > Schedule Meeting to arrange virtual meeting. Both exhibitors and visitors can schedule a meeting with 

If you want to invite a visitor to a meeting, you can go to My Account > My Activity > Virtual Meeting Requests, select “Schedule Meeting” on the left and type in the visitor’s uname to arrange an meeting. You may also search for the visitor and “Send a Message” to start a conversation.

3. How do I prevent non-invitees from entering my meeting room?

After all invitees and moderators have entered your meeting room, select “lock current meeting” under “setting”. Note that only the moderator of the meeting room, i.e. the exhibitor and has to enter the room with the moderator link, can lock the meeting.


請注意,由於近日平台正進行系統升級,於此期間請使用Apple Safari以獲得最佳體驗。


1.  點擊保存草稿或發布後,沒有任何反應。


–          影片名稱

–          宣傳語

–          內容大綱

2.  我已上傳照片到該影片頁面,但在影片頁面上未有顯示該照片。


3.  我上傳了Logo,banner和照片,但無法顯示。


4.  我上傳了預告片花/影片後,顯示錯誤或無法播放。


–          視頻文件名不能包含任何空格。

–          文件名只能包含數字、字母、”-”或”_”。特殊字符或空格均會導致錯誤或使視頻無法播放。

–          建議的視頻大小為小於1GB。`

–          上傳視頻後,請等待一兩個小時,以便系統將視頻加載到頁面上。

5.  Key Art沒有上載到正確的影片頁面上。

答:在上載任何檔案前(包括“Key Art”),請先按保存草稿或發布。

6.      8月19日後我仍然可以更新我的公司和影片資料嗎?上傳資料有最後期限嗎?



1. 我的帳戶已被鎖定,可以幫我重設密碼嗎?


2. 在哪裡可以找到我的BlueJeans帳戶信息?
i. 我的活動 > 視像會議邀請 > 會議帳號資料,然後您將看到下面的視窗。

ii. 到,以BlueJeans用戶名稱和BlueJeans密碼登錄








下載Android應用套裝程式 (APK)




      中國內地用戶可透過流覽器登入BlueJeans網址  (部分流覽器如獀狗除外)

      建議使用Microsoft Edge (前沿) 流覽器 (版本79或以上具備Chromium軟體)

      Mac系統及 Windows作業系統使用者 (包括平板電腦Surface系列),可登入BlueJeans官方下載中心 (網址: 下載及安裝應用程式

1. 於香港國際影視展線上版期間有否線上試映?
答: 參展商於其影片頁面提供試映,參觀人士可在影片頁面按查詢試映,待參展商確認你的試映申請,你便可在展會期間觀看試映。

2. 如何觀看試映?
答: 如果賣家接受你的請求,你可按”觀看試映”以播放試映。

3. 在哪裡可以看到我的可供試映影片?
答: 您可點擊加入追蹤清單創建您的影片清單。您可在我的活動內的試映/追蹤清單中找到您的追蹤清單及可供試映影片。

4. 影視展線上平台有否為影片進行分類?
答: 在線上平台的影視作品頁面中會展示所有影片,您可使用頁面左邊的篩選功能,以關鍵字、類別﹑片種等項目搜尋影片。您可點擊加入追蹤清單創建您的影片清單。


  1. 如我對一套影片有興趣,可以如何聯絡該公司?
    答: 在影視作品頁面中,點擊這裡以瀏覽參展商的公司頁面。在此頁面,你可看到公司的影視作品、公司簡介及參與職員。你可使用信息或直接按下發送會議邀請跟公司職員聯繫。在行事曆中,你可看到參展商可被預約的時間,點繫這裡向他們提出一個會議時間。

1. 我需要預先登記參與專題研討會嗎?
答: 不需要預先登記, 只需於活動時間內進入活動頁面觀看。

2. 因地方時區問題, 我未能夠於指定活動時間內登入觀看專題研討會.
答: 您可於展會期間重播有關專題研討會。

1. 會議是否僅能一對一舉行(參展商-買家)? 我能邀請我的同事也加入嗎?
答: 可以,您可以要求參展商將發送會議要求給您的同事以參加同一會議。

2. 我是參展商,如何邀請參觀人士進行視像會議?

請選擇:我的帳戶 > 我的活動 > 視像會議邀請 ,檢視由參觀人士發出的邀請訊息。您可以回覆訊息,或選擇邀請訊息旁邊的「新增會議」安排視像會議。

如果您想邀請參觀人士進行會議,請選擇:我的帳戶 > 我的活動 > 視像會議邀請 > 新增會議,輸入參觀人士的名稱以發出邀請。您也可以搜尋參觀人士並「傳送訊息」以開展對話。


當所有出席者及主持人都進入會議房後,選擇”setting” > “lock current meeting”以鎖定房間。請注意:只有主持會議的參展商(並使用主持人連結) 可以替會議房上鎖。