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JAPAN PAVILION in FILMART 2022 are composed of TV, FILM and Film Commission, and pavilion organizers are International Drama Festival in TOKYO, UNIJAPAN and Japan Film Commission. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Broadcast Program Export Association of Japan (BEAJ) also support the pavilion. 

They also hold an event named as “Fresh Content from JAPAN” on 14 March 14:00-15:00 (HKT) and introduce 4 of the hottest Japanese titles in TV drama and unscripted format presented at FILMART

The Business Matching with Japanese Companies is organized by JETRO. It offers you amazing and a variety of brand-new Japanese titles as below. Please register and join 1 to 1 matchmaking! 

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A Little Girl's Dream

TeNY is a regional broadcasting company based in Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for its high quality and tasty rice, Japanese Sake and beautiful snow.

Since its foundation in 1980, we have been a leading Television Station who produces documentary programs and local TV shows in close connection with the local community.

By obtaining overwhelming support from our viewers, we have consistently been rated No. 1 in Niigata Prefecture for many years.

TeNY is now starting to promote Niigata’s hidden charms abroad.

100 Sights of Ancient Cities

Broadcasting, Real Estate

Successors of Soma Nomaoi

TV Broadcasting, Advertising, Event Production

About Her; Mihonmo

My company A Co., Ltd is a planning and production company for TV programs and movies.
The company was founded in September 2013.
Since its founding, A Co., Ltd has produced programs for children and their families and distributed them to Asia, Europe, America and Latin America.
The company’s representative programs are “Small Traveler” and “Cheese Factory”.
We are also actively engaged in international co-production business.
For the past few years, we have been making documentaries that focus on the issues that arise in the social advancement of working women in Japan, Korea and China.

Artist of Divine Spirit; Miwa Komatsu and Tears of the Earth

Hiroshima Television, affiliated with Nippon TV Network, is a terrestrial TV station located in Hiroshima, a core city of the Chugoku region in Japan. The station was established on September 1st in 1962. Since then we are providing programs in Hiroshima prefecture to 1.5 million households or 3.8 million people.

Wa! Journey! ~Discover JAPAN PRIDE~ / Wa! Journey! ~GO Green in JAPAN~

Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(OHK) was established in 1969 and is located in Okayama-city, prefectural capital of Okayama. 
It is one of the network stations of FUJI TELEVISIONNETWORK,INC. 
The broadcast area of OHK is Okayama Prefecture and Kagawa Prefecture where the area covers a population of approximately 3 million.
Okayama prefecture is located in the middle of the Sanyo Expressway, which runs through Kansai and Kyushu regions.
In 2014 we built a studio in ‘’Aeon’’(connected to Okayama station mall),
one of the largest conglomerate in Japan, from which we are broadcasting news and local programs every day. This was our first major project in Japan.
One of the benefits of our presence at Aeon is that we are able to simultaneously broadcast programs via a 300 inch display and 50 separate monitors spread throughout the complex.


Television Iwate opened in 1969. It provides broadcasting services to the Iwate area, as well as joint productions with other NNN family companies. In addition to producing and selling programs, it also puts on events. The company headquarters is in the heart of downtown Morioka in Iwate, and its “Gokigen (Good Mood) TV” (M-F 4:50 PM) and “News Plus 1 Iwate” (M-F 6:15 PM) are the most popular local programs in the area. It has also contributed to reconstruction efforts along the coastline badly damaged in the 2011 tsunami, and done joint projects with broadcasting companies in China and Russia.

An Eden For Two

Radio&TV broadcasting in Yamaguchi


GETA FILMS, launched in 2003, an international sales department of Japanese movies of Green Light LLC.
We dedicate to bringing the world’s films / television programs / comic-book IP adaptation buyers and producers easy access to Japanese contents and provide comprehensive handling services so that the rights to titles may be acquired for distribution outside of Japan.


The Nighthawk's First Love

Nagoya TV was established in 1961. Its major shareholders are the Asahi Shimbun(one of Japan’s leading newspapers), TV Asahi and Toyota Motor Corporation. It began broadcasting in 1962 under the policy of “providing trustworthy news programs, enjoyable high-quality entertainment contents.”
Nagoya TV Provides a wide range of programs mainly to Chubu region (Aichi, Gifu, Mie). This means it has an audience of 4.37 million house-holds and 11.3 million viewers.
We have also been producing high quality films, several of whom were nominated or got prizes in international film festivals ex. Cannes and others.

Love is Light

Planning, production, distribution and promotion of visual works


Exhibition of movie, drama, music, and other events at multiplex cinemas and operation of amusement facilities restaurants and concession stands attached to cinemas.
We are also engaged in domestic film distribution, international acquisition and international sales.

Unlock Your Heart

Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc. is involved in a broad range of businesses including film distribution, production of Japanese films and animation, as well as internationalsales. Our line-up is higjly varied with its new releases including “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” and “SABIKUI BISCO” for animation and “Unlock Your Heart” and “Kisaragi Station(W/T)” for live action movies.


Founded in 1986, Gaga Corporation is a leading independent film distributor and producer in Japan. It distributed six Academy Award Best Pictures and over 30 Academy nominated films. Since 2019, it manages marketing for DreamWorks Animation films. For international, it has collaborated with auteur Kore-eda since “I Wish”. His “Shoplifters” won Palme d’Or and was nominated for Academy’s Best Foreign Picture. Recently, it started to produce and distribute Japanese animations such as “Okko’s Inn” and “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis”.

Joshikosei ni Korosaretai (tentative)

Founded in 1912, as the oldest film production in Japan, NIKKATSU has been taking various roles in Japanese film industry and its theatrical distributing titles count around 10 films every year.

Our titles contain a wide variety of genres from high-end classics to latest documentaries. In our library with over 6,000 titles, NIKKATSU has great works of Japanese film masters such as Seijun Suzuki, Shohei Imamura, Yojiro Takita, Takashi Miike, Hideo Nakata, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Sion Sono and Shinya Tsukamoto.

In recent years, NIKKATSU has more highly-praised titles worldwide selected by major international film festivals including Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Toronto. In 2018, One Cut of the Dead, which recorded 30 million USD in box-office revenue in Japan, and also had a smash hit in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2019, WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES became the first Japanese film that won both Sundance and Berlinale awards.

Today, NIKKATSU’s diverse business activities include the operations of the film studio and pay TV channel (Channel NECO), film production, distribution, and international sales & acquisition. 

For more information about NIKKATSU, please visit

When I Opened the Door To That Garden

Tachi Corporation, an independent film distributor, handles over 100 titles of Japanese feature films with high production value for worldwide distribution, genres ranging from Horror, Suspense, Action, Comedy, Human drama to Sexy/Erotic.

The Way of the Househusband: The Movie

We devote our efforts to selling our finished programs around the world with a
focus on animations including major hit titles such as Detective Conan and
INUYASHA. Furthermore, we are promoting formats sales of dramas and variety
shows for remake in other countries.


(1) Production, duplication, sale, rental and import / export of DVD, Blu-ray and all other media

(2) Planning, production and distribution of movies, TV programs, TV animations, and various other movies

(3) Planning and production of stage works and other events


Founded in 1895, Shochiku functions as a highly-tuned vertically integrated entertainment entity, encompassing feature film and television production, theatrical distribution of Japanese & foreign motion pictures, worldwide sales, exhibition, videogram & home entertainment distribution, and the theater stage production and distribution including the Kabuki Theater.

Shochiku operates one of the most successful motion picture divisions in Japan. The company has produced a number of critically and financially successful films, including the 2009 Academy Award® Winner for Best Foreign Language Film “Departures” by Yojiro Takita, and 2004 Academy Award® nominee for Best Foreign Language Film “The Twilight Samurai” directed by Yoji Yamada.
In 2005, Shochiku created an animation division producing both TV animation series and animation feature films.


With over 60 year history of television broadcasting in Japan, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) constitutes one of the largest media conglomerates in Japan encompassing a wide range of media and business activities including broadcast, content production and domestic/overseas distribution. Continuing to grow in importance as a major content provider to the world, TBS has sold tens of thousands of episodes of more than a thousand programs in over 160 countries across five continents. TBS’s business partners include Disney/ABC, NBC Universal, BBC, and many other major terrestrial broadcasters and entertainment companies.

TV Drama

The Ramen Share (Working title)​

At TBS Glowdia, Inc., we provide services related to events and performances, radio program production, program sales, merchandising, and video content production. We are a consolidated subsidiary company of Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Holdings, Inc.

Our Content Business Division focuses on video content business, and is mainly active in the following areas:

  1. Acquisition of broadcast and videogram rights of overseas programs, and domestic sales of these rights
  2. Sales of broadcast, repeat, videogram, broadband and internet rights of both domestic and overseas programs
  3. Sales of merchandising rights (including publishing and games), both domestically and overseas
  4. Investment and production of films, variety shows and animations


Since our previous history as CREi, TBS Glowdia has continued to be an active player in the overseas sales of programs, mainly in areas such as animations, films, variety shows, sports, drama series, and documentaries, not only in Asia, but in Europe and America as well.  We have been passionately pursuing business beyond the normal boundaries of domestic and overseas markets, as an unprecedented business model.  Today, we are one of the largest distributors in Japan, with a proud history of 40 years in the media business.

Mellow Love

In collaboration with the TV stations and network service providers in Taiwan and all over Asia, we are involved in program production, e-commerce site development and web promotion.

Insect Land

Based on our animation production, licensing, and merchandising business know-how, we are able to maximize our collective capabilities from both creative side (ex; creating intellectual properties) and business production side (ex; improving the customers’ satisfaction). 

We also have our eyes set on an international market and promoting a global business with our nationally famous and beloved animations such as “LUPIN THE 3rd”, “ANPANMAN”, and “DETECTIVE CONAN”, in addition to more than 440 works and over 12,000 episodes.

Sweat and Soap

Planning, production, and sales of broadcast programs, and other core broadcasting business (television broadcasting) under the Broadcasting Act


WOWOW is Japan’s first and the leading premium pay TV broadcaster with over 2.8 million subscribers in Japan. Through three Full-HD broadcasting channels -WOWOW Prime, Live and Cinema-, WOWOW has been delivering high-quality diverse entertainment programs such as movies, dramas, sports, music, theatrical plays, animations and documentaries.
WOWOW has been producing numbers of high-quality original programs including drama series and documentaries, winning various awards around the globe.

My neighbor, Chikara

With over 65 years of leading the Japanese content industry and having 25 network affiliate stations covering the nation, TV Asahi Corporation delivers top rated drama series, enduring animation programs and high-quality variety shows that target the younger demographic, on top of broadcasting strong sports events and daily news shows.


Kansai TV is the leading commercial broadcasting TV station in Kansai area, which covers Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and other major cities in Japan. We are producing and broadcasting variety of programs including drama, sports, news, documentaries and game shows. Among our TV programs, our dramas are prestigeous in Japan and other countries


BS TV TOKYO is a leading free satellite broadcasting company of TV TOKYO Group, which is one of the major key terrestrial TV networks in Japan and we broadcast to all through Japan.

In addition to broadcasting the fundamental content like News, sports and business content as a leading TV media, we produce and air the unique HD and 4K entertainment programs such as drama series, travel content, gourmet content, documentary series, etc.

All But Divorced

TV TOKYO, a member of the Nikkei group, is a Tokyo-based FTA broadcaster and is known for its unique programming with focuses on children and young adults. With edgy themes, bold styles and unique concepts, TV TOKYO’s live-action shows (dramas, comedies, light entertainment, etc.) enjoy popularity especially among millennials who tend to stay away from traditional television. We enjoy the biggest turnover from international program distribution among the five commercial networks.

The Sealer

ABC Japan (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) is the 3rd oldest commercial broadcaster in Japan, established in 1951.  We have produced many well-known entertainment programs which are available for both finished programs and formats. Our variety of contents includes drama series, variety shows, travelogues, documentaries, infotainment shows, and animation series.

GOSSIP - #What she wants to know

Established in 1959,Fuji Television has shared countless stories of love and friendship, good and evil. As a trendsetter, we have remained half a step ahead of these rapidly changing times by delivering innovative dramas, variety shows, newscasts, sports programs, and motion pictures.

The King of Sweetness

Television broadcasting business

Plus & Minus

SPO runs 2 theaters. We produce Japanese TV series and distribute them. We also co-produce with other Asian countries such as Korea and Taiwan. SPO acquires mainly Asian films and TV series and distribute them in Japan.

TV Show

Wonder Food ~from fiction to reality~

TV broadcasting in accordance with the Broadcast Act.
Production and sales of broadcast programs.
Sales of publications and goods.
Cultural and sports events.
Any broadcast-related events.
Service area: Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.
Belongs to the Nippon Television Network Corporation group.


Yoshimoto Kogyo -King of COMEDY, Japan’s biggest Entertainment Company who owns 14 Live theaters all over Japan, managing 6000+ talent, 5000+ annual production with 110 years of history.

Maiko, the "Cinderella" Girls

TV and radio broadcasts

A Photogenic "Bae camp" in Hokkaido

It has been loved by the region for over 60 years as a local commercial broadcasting station in Hokkaido. We are trying to be close to the community by broadcasting the local wide program “Dosanko Wide” ahead of the rest of the country.