CONTENT THAILAND brings together the skills, strength and resources of Thai government agencies, associations, non-profit organizations, private sector and individuals. Together we will support and build the local creative industry, and promote its content to a world audience. Innovation, knowledge, technology and creativity combine to produce not only valuable content to the international market, but also contribute to economic growth in Thailand. The National Audio-Visual Committee of Thailand shall act as the hub of co-ordination and support for the program, and ensure that ‘Content Thailand’ brings Thai Content to the world.

CONTENT THAILAND 將泰國政府機構、協會、非營利性組織、私營部門以及個人的職能、優勢和資源匯集在一起共同支持和構建當地的創意產業,並將其推廣到世界各地。創新、知識、技術、創造力的結合不僅為國際市場提供了有價值的內容,同時也促進了泰國經濟的增長。泰國國家視聽委員會 (The National Audio-Visual Committee of Thailand) 將作為該項目協調和支持的中心,確保 “Content Thailand”將泰國的樣貌帶給全世界。