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Between Us

Elodie and Laetitia live a deep love and dream of having a child. While Elodie discovers that she can’t get pregnant because of a health problem, financial problems push them to take a roommate.


Bittersweet Sixteen is a high school movie full of spirit, humor, and familiar situations and characters which will appeal to anyone who is now – or ever has been – young.

Black Substance

A misanthrope in an isolated house will have to cohabit with a teenager to survive the proliferation of a toxic fungus threatening their own environment.


A solo robber who never misses a shot  is the talk of the town. The commissioner called on the case asks for help from “The Frenchman”. He understands that the brain behind the robberies is a blue-eyed, ordinary woman beyond suspicion.


Six aspiring comedians are about to perform for the first time in a club. An examiner is attending, he will choose one of them to perform on TV. For some of them it’s the first chance change their lives, for others it’s the very last one.

Cupid's Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳

Lin Ke Song, who has the unique ability to identify the ingredients in any dish, with just a single bite, met Michelin-certified chef, Jiang Qian Fan. Through the process of learning cooking skills , Lin Kesong develops her own special set of skills, gains confidence in herself and also slowly falls in love with Jiang Qianfan. In the final competition, Lin Kesong wins the championship, and also Jiang Qianfan’s heart.



Bristle is a little girl being raised by dragons. But when her father must give to the Sorcerog, his second most valuable possession, he offers up Bristle. This drives her to despair and forces her to flee the family cave. Bristle then embarks on a journey of discovery in the world of humans. Among humans, she will learn the meaning of friendship and solidarity – and greed, which seems to eat away at men’s hearts. 


羅斯導演羅曼·奧爾霍夫卡自編自導自演的長片處女作,講述一名落寞的中老年獨居男人,接受夢境改造項目以治療失眠和噩 夢,結果此舉喚醒他對一生摯愛的記憶,隨著他主動參與夢境,現實也在悄然改變。

God’s Not Dead: We the People

After a judge orders a homeschool co-op to put their children into public school or be fined, Reverend Dave and some of the homeschool parents travel to Washington to testify in front of Congress about their experience.

Love on the Rock

A burned out, former tough cop from the midwest, Colton Riggs, finds his boring, Maltase new charter boating lifestyle turned upside down, when he suddenly finds himself catapulted into a web of high stakes international espionage.

Man of God

In the lives of the saints, we find strength. Their struggles mirror our own, and their triumphs over human weakness give us hope. Such is the subject of our faith-based film, MAN OF GOD. The life of St. Nektarios of Aegina from Greece was one of persecution and prosecution.


The documentary presents all of Milan Kundera’s major works and their themes.


Nightride is a dryly humorous realtime one shot thriller set on the midnight streets of Belfast. It places us in the driver’s seat with smalltime dealer Budge as he tries to pull one last deal with cash borrowed from a dangerous loan shark. When the handover goes catastrophically wrong, Budge finds himself in a race against time to find his missing product and get a new buyer before the loan shark tracks him down.

our happiest days

Agatha who is 74 years old, one day suddenly wakes up in the body of an 8 year old little girl where Agatha’s 38 year old independent daughter returns to the family home to repair wounds that remain open.

pack of sheep

Thanasis can’t pay off his debt to Stelios. When he finds out that Apostolis is in the same position, he asks him to join with him for making a better deal with Stelios. While Thanasis tries to put more players in the game, two young gangsters arrive in town to push over the debtors.


While everyone in her family seems to be – or tries to become – pregnant, midwife Merel decides to go for single motherhood. But just when the hormones are coursing through her body, a charming paramedic turns her world upside down.

REBORN 青春換日線

Affected by biased values, high school kids get involved in a money game of campus gambling. Youth is spiraling out of control. Fairytales are falling apart.



River, a young men in his twenties wakes up in the mental aid department of the local hospital, not knowing who he is and how he got there. As his memory starts returning, he remembers his mission, to aid the aunt of a drug addict friend of his who committed suicide.


When 16-year-old Esmee meets the young horse Silverstar, they immediately form a special bond. Soon Esmee finds out something strange is going on at the stables and sees no alternative but to run away with the horse to save him. 


In a delirious summer rush, teenage father Gabriel falls in love with enigmatic Corey, the girlfriend of his best friend Joel. Overwhelmed with the decision of his life Gabriel is catapulted into the unforgiving wilderness of his heart, where imagination is more real than reality.



一個8歲的女孩踏上了拯救母親記憶的旅程。 為此,她必須前往一個奇幻世界尋找她母親保存在記憶盒中的紀念品。這些紀念品是由一隻神奇生物毛毛蟲帶走的。


Chef Monica has put her past in a small village firmly behind her. When she and her boyfriend want to open a new restaurant, she needs to return to her roots and cut the last ties. But does her future really lie in the big city?


Giulio has just turned eighteen and lives in the country with his parents. In the house next door, uninhabited for years, Lia, a bold, grumpy and introverted girl, arrives and starts Giulio into some increasingly dangerous games.


In Naples, a young boy, Ciro, has been witness of an execution and is searched by the local criminal organization and his family. He finds shelter in Gabriele’s apartment, a quiet and educated piano teacher.

the wait

The Wait is a story about a woman undergoing an emotional battle between sense and passion.

They Crawl Beneath

Danny (Joseph Almani) is a young cop working on his Uncle Bill’s (Michael Pare) classic vintage car on a secluded ranch when a major earthquake hits. Uncle Bill is crushed and Danny becomes trapped under the car, creating a claustrophobic nightmare. The situation intensifies when something horrifying emerges out of the cracks in the ground that leaves Danny fighting for his life.

Walking with Herb

The film follows Joe’s incredible journey from relative obscurity to competing in ‘The US Open Golf Tournament’, under the direction of Herb, his ever present ‘Angel’ and motorcyclist.


The world has come to an end. A new society, the Institution, is attempting to reinstate order, but not everybody accepts to succumb to it. Yaya and Lennie are two free spirits who are striving to find their place in the world.