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Changsha is among the first group of national culture and science and technology integration demonstration base, the first group of national culture and tourism consumption demonstration city, and the first group of national culture export base. At the same time Changsha is the only “world capital of media art” in China, selected as China’s top 10 night economy cities, ranked the 8th among the top 100 Internet celebrity cities in China.

There are 23,200 legal entities of cultural and related industries in Changsha.Among them, there are nearly 1000 above-scale cultural enterprises and 8 listed cultural enterprises on the main board, ranking among the first group of cities in China in term of comprehensive strength.The industry of radio and television, publishing, performing arts, exhibition and fireworks takes a leading position in China, creating a “Changsha model” for actively building an international cultural and creative center, improving the quality of the city’s cultural and creative industry, and realizing the integrated development of science and technology and culture.

Malanshan cultural creativity video industry park was established in December 2017, covers an area of 15.75 square kilometers, located in east gate of Changsha, As well known the one and only national-wide board-cast television industry area, appraise the national leveled integration of culture and technology model base,national leveled copyright demonstration zone, selected in national level demonstration cultural industry park establish list. The industry park assembled more than 3000 digital video creative enterprises, including Mango excellent media Co.Ltd,Hunan Tv&Broadcast Intermediary Co.,Ltd. , Central south China media,TV Zone Media Co.,Ltd , four main-board list company. The revenue of the park reached 51.981 billion RMB in 2020, contributes to 3.016 billion of tax, accomplished of 12.234 billion RMB on fixed investment.

On September 17, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the park and delivered an important speech. Following the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, the park adheres to the guidance of Party building, integrity and innovation, and deeply cultivates “culture + science and technology”. The park will strive to build “China’s V Valley” with global competitiveness.

 China Changsha Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industries Zone
 Hunan Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd.
Hunan Heguang Media Co., Ltd. 
TVZone Media Co., Ltd
Hunan Xiaoxiang film and Television Communication Co., Ltd
Hunan Caohua Interactive Technology Co. Ltd
Changsha Laihua Innovation Technology Co., Ltd
Changsha Qianbo Information Technology Co., Ltd 
Hunan Zhiliao Youth Culture Co., Ltd. 
Changsha Zhiyan Culture Communication Ltd., co