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Bigger Picture – fresh animation, TV and film projects from Finland!

Bigger Picture brings latest Finnish film and TV projects and finished products to FILMART. Projects are looking for international partners and co-operation from Asia. Finished products are available for distribution on various platforms. 

Please come to meet us at our booth for introductions to all the projects.

內容製作, 合拍片, 數碼娛樂, 影視器材及後期製作服務

內容製作, 合拍片

內容製作, 合拍片, 數碼娛樂

內容製作, 合拍片, 數碼娛樂

內容製作, 影視器材及後期製作服務

內容製作, 數碼娛樂, 遊戲

內容製作, 合拍片, 其他