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Beyond the Skies

To be or not to be is the question that Beyond the Skies asks. The war film follows a young soldier named Hong Qichen, who trudges through the bloodstained ruins in his deadly mission to blow up the enemy’s ammunition depot within 48 hours. He puts together a squad of wounded soldiers in the treacherous mountains for a knock-down drag-out fight. Questioning whether their sacrifices are worth it, his brothers in arms fall in front of his eyes. The mission gets harder and harder to complete as time passes. Those who believe persist; others sink into the abyss of history. A pilgrimage to death, Beyond the Skies tells a heart-breaking utopian story during the Chinese Civil War, embodying poetics of Chinese cinema.

Chasing dreams

Founded in 2008, the company has invested in building more than 400 high-end cinemas across the country. On October 12, 2017, Hengdian Film and Television (603103) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and officially entered the capital market.

In Spite of the Strong Wind

Donald Tang was in the midst of a prosperous career when he was betrayed by his girlfriend Jane Shuo and had to declare bankruptcy. But he soon pulled himself out of the swamp of failure and start again.Tang’s good friend Mickey Sha is a brilliant writer, but has always been a depressed journalist. His wife left him because of his”no ambition”. Under the continuous encouragement of Tang, He became the first one to join Tang`s team. Donald Tang and Mickey Sha then joined forces to find Jerry Kong, Tom Chu and Angela Bai to establish Grey Whale PR–an “irregular” PR team. Using his years of industry acumen, Donald Tang aggressively searched for clients and led his partners through thick and thin, winning one PR contract after another. However, during the encounter with competing companies, Tang discovered Shuo’s secret and knew the contradictions and pressures she had been carrying for many years. With the concern of another identity, Tang and Shuo fall in alove-hate relationship. After several games, they finally understand Shuo’s seemingly heartless choice.In the end, they join forces to punish Ye Shouru, the culprit of Shuo’s father’s suicide, and reunite.

Love will tear us apart

Ten years ago, Lv Qinyang confessed his love for Ling Yiyao in front of the whole school. He promised to marry her in the future and never regret it. His courage carried them through the good times as well as the bad until one day, after knowing each other for ten years, Ling called him to tell him she was getting married soon but the groom is not him. And now Lu desperately needs to see her, no matter the risk……

Masses Have No Trifles

It describes what a group of post-90s policemen have gone through in the process of promoting the innovation of comprehensive management of grass-roots society by relying on the strength of the masses.

Master Jigong

Tell the story of a child becoming a hero. Young Xiuyuan Li will celebrate his 12th birthday in a month. At this time, the child’s heart is full of dreams, but also bold and rebellious. Xiuyuan Li doesn’t want to be treated as a child. He hopes to do more things. Maochun Li, his father with strict appearance and soft heart, always hopes that the child can move forward according to the road he has designed for him.So the mother constantly reconciled and guided the relationship between father and son with women’s wisdom.When his mother died, Xiuyuan Li became all Maochun Li’s concerns and the only thing he wanted to protect at all costs.
Xiuyuan Li knew his destiny. Ignorant, he couldn’t know the heaviness behind it. He was desperate to become a hero to prove himself.
Xiuyuan Li set foot on the battlefield of fate in confusion and chaos. After losing everything, Maochun Li left all his struggles and sacrificed his life to protect his son on the battlefield. Xiuyuan Li just understood all his father’s feelings for himself.
Real heroes can stand up bravely and undertake their mission no matter what difficulties they encounter. This is not only his mother’s instruction, but also his powerful source of strength as arhat in his previous life. Xiuyuan Li completed his inner growth, which is also the real growth to be expressed in this film.

Noodles Rhapsody Season 1

Focusing on the most common ingredients that people come into contact with every day, season 1 – ‘Noodles Rhapsody’ carefully selected twelve kinds of noodles with different characteristics from twelve cities. Through “noodles are the most healing food in the world” to showcase the diverse food culture and rich regional culture of China. The twelve regions noodles are composed of Peking noodles, Hangzhou Pian Er Chuan, Wuhan dry noodles, Fujian Satay noodles, Guangzhou Wonton noodles, Shaanxi biangbiang noodles, Shanxi sliced noodles and so on.

The documentary is about seven armless artists with their unique artistic creating career and their self-reliant lives.

The Infiltrator

In 1941 Shanghai, Fang Jiashu, has two identity. On the surface, he is a an agent of the military intelligence working in Jessfield No.76 (headquarters of the military intelligence department of Wang Ching-wei’s Reorganized Nationalist Government), but in undercover, he is Communist Party member. Now he is in danger of being exposed and must navigate through various relationships. Even in such a complicated situation, Fang Jia Shu still skillfully obtained more information and benefits for Communist party.

The Story of Kingdom

There was a magical land in the world – the animal kingdom where animals with different personalities lived. In order to save their lost friends caught by the black wolf Delly, Little Piggy SisterCho Cho and her partners started an adventure in the black forest. The content is produced by Happy Sunshine Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd., and Mango Execellent Media.

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